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  The Lab facilities in the mill are fully equipped from cotton to yarn to ensure the quality of the product and also monitor them.  



Cotton Testing (Spin Lab)

Yarn Imperfections ( Premier IQ Qualicenter)
CSP Tester
TPI Tester

Our quality initiatives have our roots in selection of good quality raw material for this we have a good supplier relationships and a bale management system so that the quality is always assured.

IQ Qualicenter

 We at SAML always feel that ensuring good in process parameters is very important to ensure good quality products for that we have,

Unifloc To ensure even blending of cotton 
Contamination Detector There is a contamination detector in Blowroom so that contaminations are removed 
Autolevelers All our Carding machines and drawing machines are equipped with autolevelers to ensure evenness 
Yarn Clearers The yarns are cleared in the autoconers with Lopfe yarn clearers Quality assured
         Above all we have an excellent Team of people who ensure the proper upkeep of equipment and proper quality of product.


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